Makeup Courses

Do you want to learn how to apply makeup? Do you like the most recent cosmetics trends? Do you enjoy making brides, models, and businesswomen appear flawless? Then enroll immediately in makeup classes at Lakmé Academy to learn it.

Hair Stylist Courses

Learn the art of hairdressing, styling, cutting, and treatments using professional hair care products, cutting-edge equipment, a modern course curriculum, and advice from industry experts and celebrity hair stylists.

Bridal Makeup Courses

The Bridal Makeup Course is intended for those who wish to advance their careers as Bridal Makeup Artists. This module covers all aspects of bridal make-up. Discover various bridal looks that can be worn to various wedding functions.

Cosmetology Courses

Cosmetology can do wonders. Yes, a rejuvenating facial can transform ordinary skin into a glowing complexion, chilled eye cream can treat puffy eyes, spa or smoothening can tame unruly hair, and pedicure can cure cracked heels. Enroll today for a beautiful experience.

Personal Grooming Courses

It covers every important aspect of grooming, including blow drying, hair style for various face shapes, determining skin tone to choose the best foundation shade, and daily skin care advice to prevent issues like acne and dry skin. Enroll Right Away to Feel and Look Beautiful!

Beauty Therapy Courses

Enroll in Lakme Beauty Therapy Courses today to launch your career as a highly successful, skilled, and experienced beauty therapist in the fashion and glamor industry.

Beautician Courses

This is an apt beautician course in Chennai where you can learn every aspect of makeup to function in the beautician industry. Lakme Academy’s courses are rightfully structured for students to learn them in an orderly way.

Skin Care Courses

If you wonder why it is necessary to learn a skin care course in Chennai, then we give you a tonne of reasons to pursue it in the Lakme Academy. Skin care is one of the most important routines we should follow, and this course will teach you how.