Beautician Course in Chennai

This is an apt beautician course in Chennai where you can learn every aspect of makeup to function in the beautician industry. Lakme Academy’s courses are rightfully structured for students to learn them in an orderly way.
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    Beautician Course in Chennai

    cosmetology course Chennai

    Foundation Course in Beautician

    As per the terms of this foundation beautician course in Chennai, you will be taught the following topics:

    Course Duration:

    The duration of the beautician course is 3 months.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    You can join as soon you complete your Class 10.
    cosmetology courses Chennai

    Advanced Course in Beautician

    The following topics will be covered as part of this advanced beautician course in Chennai:

    Course Duration:

    The duration of the beautician course is 6 months

    Eligibility Criteria:

    You can join as soon you complete your Class 10.

    Course Highlights

    This course helps you to be a pro makeup artist with the complete skill set to rock in the makeup industry.
    After completing this beautician course in Chennai, you can set up your own salon and start earning by offering quality services.
    This course opens up a variety of career options, from working in a salon or being an owner of a salon to working with fashion and beauty models.
    You can also enter into the cinema industry by working with entertainment clients and meeting the required demands.
    Makeup Freelancing is the one which is trending, where you can offer specialized services to customers that are in demand.
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    Feedback From Our Students



    One of the best decisions I made in my career was to join the Lakme Academy beautician courses, where they taught the beauty lessons easily and effectively so I could shine as a full-time beautician.



    I am a beauty course student from the Lakme Academy in the T.Nagar branch. I would like to thank all the teachers in Lakme because they helped me to understand the beauty process and learn relevant skills to succeed in this industry.



    For six months, I have been looking for quality beautician courses in Chennai and then found Lakme and joined them. Their courses are very much updated and help us to learn them with the right skill set and knowledge.