Transform Your Makeup Skills into Professional Artistry with Professional Makeup Courses in Chennai!

Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? Are you passionate about creating stunning looks? If so, our professional makeup courses in Chennai are perfect for you! Our courses teach you the latest fashion trends and how to use design skills, experiments, and related products to enhance or transform a person’s appearance.

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    Makeup Courses in Chennai

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    Foundation makeup Course

    You will receive complete guidance and practical training in the following areas as part of the basic makeup course in Chennai:

    Course Duration:

    The foundation course in makeup is usually a 1 Month course.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10.
    lakme academy chennai

    Advanced Certificate in makeup artistry

    As part of the advanced certificate makeup course in Chennai, you will receive comprehensive guidance and practical training in:

    Course Duration:

    The advanced course in makeup is usually a 2 Month course.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10.

    Course Highlights

    After completing this excellent professional makeup course in Chennai, which also includes learning about face forms and characteristics, concealer, various eye shapes, and more, you will have mastered the art of enhancing facial beauty.

    The contour of your face can be used, as well as techniques like managing facial hair to generate diva-like features, defining the eyes with eyeshadow, enhancing beauty of the nose, and leveraging the form of your face.

    The course begins with makeup theory, in which you will learn about various makeup tools, cosmetic products, the color wheel, and how light affects makeup.
    To achieve a flawless base, you’ll learn how to apply concealer, neutralizer, buffing, and polishing.
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    Feedback From Our Students



    In my childhood, I imagined myself as a makeup artist, making many people look beautiful. That’s why I joined the professional makeup course in Adyar and I’m loving it.



    Joining the Lakmé Academy’s professional makeup course was one of the best decisions in my life, and here I have gained a lot of beauty lessons that I will implement in the real world.



    I’ve always been fascinated by Lakmé beauty products, and the Lakmé Academy in T.Nagar is the ideal place to learn how to use them to make yourself look and feel beautiful.