Beauty tips to follow every night that makes your skin healthier

Whole day, the skin gets exposed to the harsh sunrays, pollution, dust and by the environmental conditions. This may cause damage to your skin and leads to other problems such as wrinkles and wrinkles and dull complexion. You can escape from this and can have a good care for your skin during night.

While you sleep, the skin repairs by itself with a slight guidance from you. So give some time for your skin in night time and look at the improvement in your skin.

Remove makeup before sleep:

Apart from your busy schedule, you should take some time to remove your makeup before going to bed at night. When you are sleeping without removing your makeup, it may cause your pores get clogged and leads to spots and uneven skin tone.

Use eye cream

Your eyes strains throughout the day and get relaxed in the night time. Use some lightweight eye cream around your eyes to moisturize and it will prevent your eyes from dark circles.

Warm water for your feet

Soak your feet in warm water for few minutes and get it dry. Apply petroleum jelly throughout your feet and massage it gently. It helps to accelerate blood circulation and keeps your feet crack-free, soft and healthy.

Drink plenty of water

All the beauty habits you do, only works if your skin is properly hydrated. You should drink atleast 5 litres of water a day. Water not only hydrates your skin, it makes your skin soft & healthier and improves blood circulation to all parts of your body.